Tilly Annas

Why Choose Tilly Anna's?

 This is one of the most exciting times of your life, and here at Tilly Anna's we would love to be part of it. We know you have many options when it comes to bridal shops in the Cheshire area, but we are confident that we can provide the perfect dress for you, and give you the best experience, too.
With so many bridal shops in the area, it's understandable to want to have the "full" experience and book appointment after appointment all over town. However, brides who decide to do this often just get frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the dress options; we truly believe that just one appointment at Tilly Anna's will be enough to find a dream dress with far less stress and time invested.
Additionally, the top notch customer service provided at Tilly Anna's and quality and variety of merchandise builds so much loyalty that most of our brides leave their appointments here with no desire to visit other shops, at all.
Don't believe it? Read on to see what sets Tilly Anna's apart from all the other bridal shops in the area?

First of all, at Tilly Anna's, we have lots of sample bridal and bridesmaid dresses by some of the best and most popular designers out there.

Secondly, at Tilly Anna's, brides are so much more than sales to us. From the second a bride arrives at her appointment, our highly trained sales team will do everything in their power to make sure her every need is met.

Thirdly, Tilly Anna's is set apart from other shops in town by the spacious setup of the store. Bridal appointments at Tilly Anna's are conducted in our private fitting areas where the bride has her own, private fitting room with large mirror so the bride can see all of her dress options in the best possible setting. We have selections of veils and accessories by a variety of top designers nearby, as well, which our brides are able to try on with any dresses they would like so they can get the full effect of a bridal ensemble.

Fourth, Tilly Anna's gowns are available at price points to suit any bride's budget. Even our most extravagant gowns are no more than a little over £1,700, and the vast majority of our gowns are far below that, though you wouldn't know by looking at them

Fifth, even though a bride may have purchased a dress with us, it does not mean that our work is done. As previously mentioned, we provide accessories for the bride; we also allow brides to store their dresses in our stock room after the purchase for safekeeping and provide steaming services for brides who have purchased their dresses from us. We also offer wedding dress cleaning and preservation services, post-wedding, for brides who want to keep their dresses after the big day.